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Mayor Brad Hart Modifies Cedar Rapids Mask Mandate

Mayor Brad Hart Modifies Cedar Rapids Mask Mandate

May 3, 2021

In order to provide consistency with the most recent CDC guidelines, Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart has modified the mask mandate in place for the City of Cedar Rapids.

The updated language allows for residents and visitors who are fully vaccinated to gather indoors with other vaccinated people without wearing masks or staying at least six feet apart, and to conduct activities outdoors without the use of masks - except masks will still be required in large (50 or more), crowded outdoor settings and venues where it is not possible for groups or individual attendees to take reasonable public health measures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 (stay six feet apart). The Cedar Rapids mask mandate remains in place with the changes outlined in the May 3, 2021 proclamation. The change to the Cedar Rapids mask mandate only applies to fully vaccinated people, and allows them to: 
- gather together with other fully vaccinated people without masks or social distancing; and
- to be outside without masks unless they are in a crowd where social distancing is not practical or practiced.
Restaurant and retail businesses are not affected by this change because they cannot confirm everyone is vaccinated, and they are not outside.

“I would like to thank all those who are following the COVID-19 guidelines, including wearing masks,” said Mayor Hart. “As more and more people are being vaccinated we are closer to having the herd immunity needed to safely relax the precautions in place that protect the health of our citizens.  These changes are a positive step, but it is not the time to let down our guard. I encourage everyone to be vaccinated as soon as possible because we cannot afford to take a step backward in this fight against the COVID virus. With everyone’s help we hope to end the mandate very soon.”

The full modified mask mandate proclamation is available to view here.

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