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Summer Service Reduction
The City will continue to partner with Horizons/NTS and with Linn County LIFTS to fill in any transportation service gaps. Adjustments will be made as necessary and as conditions change.

  • Neighborhood Transportation Service (NTS) at Horizons will be expanding their after-hours service to provide day-time rides to work for those with critical employment transportation needs such as work at hospitals, grocery stores, care facilities, and convenience stores/gas stations. To schedule a ride, citizens should call 319-363-1321 at least 24 hours in advance. For more information about NTS services, schedules and regulations visit www.horizonsfamily.org.
  • Linn County LIFTS paratransit service will continue to provide rides to existing customers for essential services including medical trips, pharmacy, dialysis or grocery. All other persons in need of essential medical transportation can contact LIFTS at 319-892-5170 to see if rides are available. Priority will be given to seniors and persons with disabilities. Vehicle capacity will be limited to follow social distancing protocols.

Waiting for the Bus

  • Please arrive at the bus stop a few minutes ahead of the scheduled time.  Watches are not always set to the same time as the transit system and a few minutes difference could mean a missed bus.  The city buses operate on the time displayed on the digital clocks at the GTC. TracBus Stopk bus arrival times using our mobile app at www.ridecrt.com
  • Wait at posted bus stop signs. City buses will stop to pick up and drop off passengers only at posted bus stop signs along the bus route.
  • Detour or Deviation Bus Stops: City buses will stop at most near-side corners when on a route detour or deviation.
  • Traffic conditions, trains, inclement weather and other conditions beyond our control may cause a bus to run later than its scheduled time.  Because of these conditions, transfer times at the GTC are not guaranteed.  We will try to get late buses back on schedule as soon as possible.

Riding the Bus

  • After paying your fare, please sit in an available seat and remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.  If seats are unavailable, please hold on to a handrail.  Do not stand next to or ahead of the driver while the bus is in motion.
  • Please allow the driver to concentrate on safely operating the bus.  Keep conversations with the driver to a minimum and avoid creating unnecessary distractions.
  • Ring the stop request signal approximately one block before your stop.
  • City buses cannot stop traffic.  Please wait until the bus departs before crossing the street.
  • Passengers are not allowed to ride continuous round trips on the same route, even if they have a pass or pay additional fares.  Please ride to your destination and depart at that location.
  • Passengers may only bring aboard the number of possessions that they can safely carry onto the bus in one trip.  All items must be kept out of the aisles and steps and cannot occupy needed seats.
Videos: How to Ride the Bus


Bike Racks
Want to take your bike on the City Bus? You can! Here's how:
Check out our bike page for more detailed information.

General Info & Rules
Do you have questions about the rules on the City Bus or the GTC?

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