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The ConnectCR Project is the culmination of the largest public-private partnership in Cedar Rapids. What began as two visionary ideas to revitalize Cedar Lake and create a signature bridge on the City’s segment of the American Discovery Trail, is now a reality. Learn more below.

Cedar Lake Improvements
This aspect of ConnectCR will increase and enhance recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities on and around Cedar Lake.

Improvements include:

  • Accessible features: canoe/kayak launches, fishing piers
  • Challenge/obstacle course
  • Enhanced fishing amenities
  • New east shore trail and improved trail surfaces
  • Pedestrian boardwalk over lake
  • Boardwalk

Detailed Improvements & Timeline

  • Shoreline & Lake: 2021–2022 // Shoreline restoration, causeway bridge improvements
  • Trail & Shaver Road: 2022–2023 // New East shore trail, Shaver Rd cul-de-sac, parking
  • Park & Lake Amenities: 2022–2023 // Accessible canoe, kayak launch, fishing pier, shelter, restroom
  • Challenge & Obstacle Course: 2022
  • Landscaping & Reforestation: 2025
  • North & South Shore Improvements & Elevated Boardwalk: 2025 // Elevated pedestrian boardwalk, north boardwalk and overlook, vegetated floating islands, fishing jetty, accessible fishing pier, shelter, new trail surface
DOWNLOAD: Cedar Lake Improvement Plan

Alliant Energy LightLine™
Located between NewBo and Czech Village, this new bridge provides a unique experience for pedestrians and bicyclists with a design that honors the former railroad bridge and industrial history of the area.

Bridge features include:

  • Split deck around the bridge pylon creates separate spaces for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Lighting on bridge rails and pylon
  • Plazas on east and west side with historic exhibits and gathering places
  • Connection to the Mt. Trashmore recreational amenities

DOWNLOAD: Pedestrian Bridge Plaza Concept


  • Demo begins: 2023
  • Construction: 2024Bridge Render 1 - Copy.PNG (2)

Bridge Render 4Bridge Render 2 - Copy.PNGBridge Render 3

ConnectCR is a non-profit organization working to revitalize Cedar Lake and build a pedestrian trail across the Cedar River. This group of local residents visualized and conceived the project and approached the City about forming the public/private partnership that blends private fundraising, project development, and on-going maintenance. ConnectCR raised more than $8 million in private donations and grants, with widespread generous support from the local community and beyond. Learn more about the group at

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