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On August 10, 2020, a derecho hit Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas with wind speeds of more than 100 mph, lasting 30-45 minutes. The structural loss in Cedar Rapids is estimated to be over $100 million dollars, with more than half of our tree canopy affected.

Recovery and regrowth of our trees will not be quick, but it has already begun with a coalition of partners to help us replant and regrow. Forestry crews are currently removing stumps in the right-of-way. We are confident the efforts we take in the next few years will make Cedar Rapids more sustainable for generations. As we have done in the past, Cedar Rapids will recover again, even stronger.
ReLeaf Cedar Rapids Plan Cover
Learn more about the plan to bring back our trees:

Submit a Comment, Concern, or Question
The City of Cedar Rapids provides My CR, an application for residents
and visitors to report non-emergency issues to the City. Please submit
your tree concern through My CR:



Private Tree Concerns
The City cannot touch private trees unless they are impeding on public surfaces such as sidewalks and streets. However, here are recommendations for addressing problems with a neighbor's tree:

  • Contact your insurance company to let them know of any damages incurred due to a neighbor's tree.
  • Contact a certified arborist and have them send a report to the neighbor that explains what is wrong with the tree and why it needs to be taken care of.
  • It is your right to trim any limbs from a neighbor's tree that hang into your yard. You can trim them back to the property line. Do not trespass on their property.

Prioritization of Tree Diversity and

Watering New TreeTrees provide many necessary benefits for our environment. They help prevent water and soil erosion, clean the air, cool streets, provide oxygen, combat climate change, and increase the population of pollinators and birds. In order to receive the most benefits from trees, we need to have a diverse urban forest that is better able to resist pests and diseases and has the best chance for good growth and long-term survival.

As we recover from the derecho, the City will utilize the best forestry management practices to develop a strong, resilient tree canopy. Planting many species of trees and taking care of the trees we plant will play a large role in this. We encourage you to consider planting multiple species of trees as you replace the trees lost on your property. We also look forward to working with you as we prioritize the care of the trees that remain and are replanted.

Hazardous Limb Removal
Certified arborists, working in cooperation with City staff, perform assessments of right-of-way trees and identify public trees that need pruning or removal.Private Tree Damage

Trees with dangerous limbs that hang over sidewalks will be trimmed to remove the hazard. Some trees may be on private property, but if a broken or damaged limb from that tree hangs over the sidewalk or street it will be marked for pruning to remove the hazard. 

Direct questions about removals to

Report a Problem with a City Tree

Wood Cutting Permit
The City maintains locations for homeowners to cut firewood at Beverly Gardens, 5250 Edgewood Road SW, and Tait Cummins Sports Complex, 3000 C Street SW. A permit is required, but there is no cost. There is no limit on how much wood you can take, and it is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please notify the City of any illegal dumping at the site. It is for cutting and pick-up only. Consistent, illegal dumping can result in a temporary or permanent closure of the facilities. 



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