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Private Trees
backyard forestLike in many midsize cities, the single largest land use in Cedar Rapids is the front, back, and side yards of single-family houses. These yards are where the derecho exerted it greatest impact, and where we can stage the quickest, most impactful recovery. In the year since the storm, hundreds of residents have already replanted, many taking advantage of tree adoptions by generous donors. However, most have not. This plan hopes to inspire that action and maximize its impact.

Find the following information in Chapter 6 (Flip Book).

  • The ReLeaf Rules
  • The ReLeaf Tree List
  • How to Plant a Tree
  • Continued Care for Tree Health
  • The Real Problem: Supply Chain

Additional helpful information for residents in Chapter 7 (Flip Book) includes:

  • Why Yard trees Matter
  • The Sheltered Yard
  • Campaigns to Grow
  • Seedling Campaign
  • Backyard Forests
  • Don’t Forget Groundcover
  • How Do I Protect My New Tree From Wildlife
  • The Yard Tree Plan
  • The Private Tree Supply Chain

The Yard Tree Plan
An aggressive strategy for quickly filling Cedar Rapids’ private yards with more of the right trees includes the following steps:

Trees Forever will continue – and work to expand – the tree adoption program, limiting its supply to Superior and Allowed yard trees on the ReLeaf Tree List.

Trees Forever will work to expand its Tree Keepers programs, teaching tree-care skills to neighborhood volunteers, with the goal of a Tree-Keeper in every neighborhood.

Target Yards
Trees Forever will work to expand the deployment of its Tree Keepers programs to plant allowed yard trees at apartment houses and other rental properties around the city.

The Seedling Solution
Trees Forever will create a program that sources, packages, distributes, and promotes the private planting of native seedlings citywide.

ReLeaf Partners will work with local nurseries and garden centers to encourage the sale of, and education around, native groundcovers as an alternative to lawn.

Backyard Forests
Through its Backyard Forests program, Trees Forever will make a concerted effort to communicate with the owners of large properties, offering planting advice and access to native seedlings.

Store Endorsement
ReLeaf Partners will create a ReLeaf Certification for nurseries and garden centers that meet established guidelines in promoting and selling trees from the ReLeaf Tree List.

Growing Arborists
Trees Forever will explore stronger partnerships with local colleges and universities with the goal of developing more robust coursework and greater ties between arboriculture students and the Cedar Rapids area.

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