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Storm Damaged Trees
Tree damage

Call our office at 319-286-5747 with questions and to report:
Trees blocking streets or roadways and public tree, limbs or debris that needs to be removed.

Assessing Tree Damage
The City values our trees and it is our intent to save as many as possible. We examine injured City trees for the type and extent of damage before considering removing them. Learn more about how we assess whether a tree will recover.
Tree Recovery Assessment

Resources for Evaluating Tree Damage

Iowa Department of Natural Resources has information on how to evaluate and manage storm damaged trees available on the DNR website:

Links to Helpful Publications:
Purdue Extension Trees and Storms:
Iowa State Managing Storm Damaged Trees: 
Forest Service Storm Injury:

Cleanup Assistance
Property owners without the means to remove tree debris can reach out to Waypoint at 319-366-7999, who can help connect residents with available community services and volunteers. Debris remaining will be subject to the City’s nuisance abatement process.

Trees (right-of-way/parkway)
Q: What do I do if a right-of-way (City) tree or limb falls on my house or car?
A: Contact your insurance company to get the debris off of your car or home. After the debris is removed from your property and staged along the right-of-way curb, contact us and Forestry will remove it. Please take pictures of any damage.

Q: What do I do if right-of-way (City) limb or debris is in my yard?
A: If tree limbs are small put them near the curb for pickup. Call us and Forestry crews will pick up the debris/limbs. It is not necessary to cut the debris up for us. We have machinery that will handle any size of debris. 

Q: What if a City tree, limb or debris has fallen into the street?
A: If you are able, please move the limb to the side of the road and contact Forestry during business hours. If the limb is too large to move, contact Forestry during business hours or the Police department after business hours and a crew will be mobilized.  The City will first clear the street and then possibly return at a later time to pick up any debris or leftover city limbs.

Q: When will the crew be around to take care of the tree/limb/debris that is down from a city tree?
A: Timing will vary depending on the severity of the storm. In regards to removing debris, streets will be cleared first for emergency vehicle access. After streets are clear, hanging branches and other hazards will be addressed. Depending on the situation, crews may not be able to remove anything other than the debris in the roadway and may need to come back at a later date to complete the work or to remove the tree if necessary. 

Private Trees

Q: What do I do if my private tree falls or a limb is loose and hanging?
A: As a homeowner, you are responsible for removing private tree debris and limbs on your property. If you cannot remove it yourself, contact a private tree service.

Q: What do I do if a private tree, limb or debris is blocking the alley?
A: City crews will clear alleys but not remove private debris. You need to contact a tree service to take care of removing limbs and debris from private trees. Each situation is different; however, it is likely that you will need to address your part of the fallen tree before Forestry will clear the alley.

Q: How do I dispose of my private tree debris and limbs?
A: Put debris and limbs in your Yardy cart first. The lid must close for it to be picked up and emptied. Then, cut limbs into 3 foot pieces, no larger than 5 inches in diameter, and secure those pieces into bundles no longer than 2 foot in diameter. Bundles can not weigh more than 40 pounds.  Please refer to Solid Waste (319-286-5897) with more questions. You can also haul the debris to the landfill at the A St location (2250 A St SW) or call a tree service to come and dispose of the debris or limbs.

Q: What if my private tree/limb/debris falls in the street?
A:  The process is the same as it is for City owned trees, however, the City will only clear the street and sidewalk for vehicles and pedestrians. While Forestry will haul away some of the tree debris from the street, it is very likely the remaining debris will be placed on your property. Once streets and walks have been cleared, contact a tree service to remove the remaining tree branches and pick up the debris.

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