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The 2013 CleanUpCR Week events were a success.  Over 1,800 residents participated in the events, cleaning out their basements, garages and houses to dispose of over 50 tons of material.      

See what we collected and where it goes below:


Amount Collected

Where it goes

Wood Waste

16 tons

Recycled into fuel that is used as an alternative to coal and oil

Bulky Items

52.4  tons

Sent to landfill




Scrap Metal

7 tons



58.45 tons


Household Hazardous Materials

8.9 tons

Processed and disposed or recycled when possible

Together we have diverted 131.8 tons of material from the landfill! 

How much is that?

Sometimes it is difficult to visualize what a ton looks like, a few comparisons are listed below to help you 'see' how much material we have collected.

The average male African Elephant weighs about 5.5 tons.  We diverted almost 24 elephants from the landfill.

The average car weighs 2 tons.  We diverted the equivalent of 66 cars from the landfill.

Litter Collections
Cedar Rapids continues to collect more litter!  In 2013, 1,749 bags of litter were collected city wide.  In 2014, 2,030 bags of litter were collected. Our goal for 2015 is to collect at least 2,100 bags of litter.  See how you can help us reach our goal!

In 2012, 800 people signed up to take the City Manager's 1 Bag Challenge and collected over 1,559 bags of litter.  That is 2.5 times the amount of litter collected in 2011! 

You can see where we have made a difference by looking at this map!

 Picture of litter collection map2

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