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Clean Up CR is a suite of programs and efforts managed by the City of Cedar Rapids to keep our community a clean, healthy place to live.

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City Programs

Residents can take pride in the work city crews perform each year to improve the appearance of Cedar Rapids neighborhoods and streets. Learn more about some of the initiatives and programming below.

Resident Resources

  • My CR
    Report & track concerns, comments, and questions for the City of Cedar Rapids.

  • 1-Bag Challenge & Cleanup Events
    Find out when cleanup events are happening, where to pick up a litter collection kit, and how to dispose of a bag of litter free in Cedar Rapids.

  • Adopt-a-Road
    Learn about opportunities for your business, group or club to adopt a road in Cedar Rapids.

  • Drop off Appliances, Hazardous Materials, Tires, and other items
    Learn how to dispose of materials that either don't fit or don't belong in your collection carts.

  • GreenCR
    The City's sustainability action plan provides resources for residents to improve their sustainability efforts at home. Find a list of resources at the link above.

  • Green Tips
    Additional helpful tips for "greening" your lifestyle.

  • Household Hazardous Materials
    Clean out your hazardous materials at the Cedar Rapids-Linn County Solid Waste Agency.

Vibrant Neighborhoods — It takes us all!

Property owners play a role in supporting healthy and attractive neighborhoods. The City believes every resident is entitled to the quiet enjoyment of their home, and wants to encourage all residents to do their part in supporting vibrant and attractive neighborhoods.

  • Lawn Care
    A well-maintained lawn adds to the beauty of the entire neighborhood. Cedar Rapids’ ordinance requires property owners to keep their grass and weeds mowed below 12 inches.

  • Courteous Parking
    Avoid parking your vehicle on your lawn or your neighbor’s lawn. Vehicles using on-street parking need to be moved every 48 hours to rotate parking throughout the year and to help with snow removal efforts in the winter. Inoperable or abandoned vehicles are subject to fines and/ or towing at the owner’s expense.

  • Clean Yards & Neighborhoods
    Everyone can do their part by ensuring their property is clean and well maintained. Avoid letting trash, debris, or junk overtake your yard, and address peeling paint or other maintenance tasks that detract from your home’s beauty. Well-maintained homes help keep property values high and gives the entire neighborhood a sense of community pride.

  • Walkable Sidewalks
    If your home comes with a sidewalk, please do your part in keeping it clear, safe, and accessible for other residents, including the sidewalk ramp. Sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours of a snow event. It is important to the City of Cedar Rapids to provide a safe, walkable community for all residents, regardless of age or ability.

Let the City know of a neighborhood concern at CityofCR.com/MyCR or through the City’s new mobile app, Mobile CR.

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