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Full-Service-Line-IdentificationWe Need Your Help!

The Cedar Rapids Water Division (CRWD) is updating its records of water service lines. A service line is the connection between the water distribution pipes in the street and the water meter in your home or business. An updated citywide inventory is required under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s recently revised Lead-Copper rule. Learn more about the CRWD's efforts to identify and replace lead service lines here.

Any citywide inventory can be a costly undertaking. Customer participation can reduce the expense of the inventory required by the EPA and reduce inconveniences associated with potential home or office visits.

To better manage resources and costs, the CRWD is asking for help from residents and business owners to identify private service line material. Please fill out our short survey to help us complete our inventory in an efficient manner. Residents are encouraged to complete the survey, regardless of the age of their home or business.

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Learn How to Determine Your Service Line Material

Watch the video below, and read on to find out more.


You can perform some tests on the private side of your service line to determine the service line material. One test is the scratch test. By scratching the private side of your service line with a quarter, you will be able to determine the material. You can also perform the magnet test by attempting to stick a magnet to the line. Read on to find out how to conduct these tests.

Lead Line
Lead lines will be shiny when scratched with a quarter. A magnet WILL NOT stick to the pipe.

Steel and Copper Line
Galvanized steel lines will be dull gray in color when scratched with a quarter. A magnet WILL stick to the pipe. Copper pipes will be shiny and bronze in color when scratched with a quarter. A magnet WILL NOT stick to a copper pipe.

How the EPA's Updated Lead-Copper Rule May Affect You

The EPA's updated Lead-Copper rule instructs the CRWD to fully update its service-line inventory so we can replace and improve a set amount of older lead pipe connections through a program that will span several years. As lead lines are discovered, they will need to be replaced.

The EPA is working to provide financial assistance to help property owners offset the cost of replacing their portion of the lead service line; however, according to information from the EPA, it will NOT be mandatory for homeowners to replace their portion of the line. CRWD will notify homeowners of scheduled service line and adjacent water main work in their area. Our goal is to conduct complete service line replacements all at one time, as quickly as possible.

Learn more about the Lead-Copper Rule revision.

Lead Service Line Informational Video
From the American Water Works Association

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