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Sudden changes in your home water pressure can indicate a problem in your home or in the main line. Here are some helpful tips for finding the cause of a sudden water pressure change in your home.

Lower than Normal Water Pressure

  • Check to see if the water pressure is low throughout the home or just in certain areas.
  • If just a few areas are affected, remove and clean the faucet screens
  • Check to see if a shut-off valve is partially closed
  • If you have a water softener, verify it is operating properly

If you have made all of the above checks and are still experiencing problems, there may be a restriction within your home’s plumbing. A plumber may need to be contacted to remove the restriction.

You may also contact the Cedar Rapids Water Division at 319-286-5900 to see if there are other possibilities. Occasionally, system operations such as main line repairs or line flushing will cause the pressure to be lower than normal.

Higher than Normal Water Pressure
If the water pressure is suddenly much higher than normal, please contact the Cedar Rapids Water Division at 319-286-5900.
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