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Get Water Wise!

GreenCR encourages water customers to implement cost-saving, water-efficient measures on their properties. If you have any questions, please contact the City's Environmental Compliance Specialist at 319-286-5286 or at Water-Wise@cedar-rapids.org.

Water Conservation Rebates

High-Efficiency Toilet $75 Rebate: The City is offering up to a $75 rebate if you purchase and install a high efficiency toilet (HET) at your residence between February 1, 2024, and June 30, 2025, while funds last. Each address or customer account is eligible for up to 6 rebates. HET rebate program instructions and applications are available here or by contacting Water-Wise@cedar-rapids.org.

Rain Barrel $50 Rebate: The City is offering a $50 rebate if you purchase and install a rain barrel at your residence between April 15, 2024, and June 30, 2025, while funds last. Rain barrel rebate program instructions and applications are available here or by contacting Water-Wise@cedar-rapids.org. Rain barrels offer a large supply of fresh, clean, and free water during the summer months when water resources start to get scarce, and it does so without a significant upfront investment or changes to your home. A rain barrel simply collects runoff water from your roof during storms by sitting below a gutter downspout. It features a screen gate on the top of the barrel to keep out leaves, debris and tiny critters. A hose is attached to the bottom of the collection drum to allow you to water plants or for use in outdoor cleaning projects. Because the water collected is free of chlorine and hardening minerals, it is perfect for outdoor cleaning projects and home gardening. During periods of drought, you can cut your water use significantly by using a rain barrel, making it well worth the minimal cost of installation. When there is rainfall, rain barrels can protect storm drains from excess runoff, keeping the areas waterways cleaner. You can purchase equipment to construct a rain barrel yourself, but many hardware stores sell them ready-made.

Irrigation Rain Sensor $50 Rebate: The City is offering a up to a $50 rebate if you purchase and install a rain sensor for your irrigation system between April 15, 2024, and June 30, 2025, while funds last. Rain sensor rebate program instructions and applications are available here or by contacting Water-Wise@cedar-rapids.org. The City of Cedar Rapids recommends installing rain sensors on lawn sprinkler systems. No matter the type of rain sensor that you choose, all rain sensors offer many advantages over not adding this detector to your automatic sprinkler system. Some of the immediate and long term benefits include:

  • Saves Money.
    Whether you pay for city water or spend electricity running a pump, the money you save over time will more than pay for the rain sensor.
  • Extends Sprinkler System Life Span.
    Irrigation systems are made up of moving parts. If the system parts are utilized less frequently (during the rainy season), they last longer.
  • Protects Water Resources.
    By limiting the over use of your sprinkler system, rain sensors reduce excess water run-off that carries fertilizers and pest control chemicals into our shared water supply.
  • Conserves Water.
    Less water is wasted when less supplemental water is needed for your turf and in your garden.

Water Conveyance

The City of Cedar Rapids recommends disconnecting downspouts and sump pumps from the sanitary sewer. Downspout and sump pump disconnection can help prevent basement sewage backup. Before you disconnect your downspout and/or sump pump, consider where you are directing the water, and that cold weather will cause icing conditions. When you are finished, your project should be a permanent solution which is beneficial to your grass, flowers, shrubbery and trees.

The following instructions will demonstrate that the physical disconnection is relatively simple, inexpensive, does not require a permit, and can be accomplished with a minimum of inconvenience.

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