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When it comes to disposing of yard waste, YARDY is the tool for the job! YARDY is a large green cart that can easily be wheeled to and from the curb on collection day. Your YARDY cart is collected using an automated arm. To reduce property damage and promote efficiency, please keep carts 3 feet away from obstacles (fences, poles, trees and other containers).

When are YARDY carts collected?

  • Early March–Mid January
    YARDY carts are collected on your normal garbage day throughout most of the year.
  • Mid January–Early March
    In winter, yard waste is picked up upon request only.  During January and February, customer use of the yard waste program is reduced significantly. Shifting to on-request service for the few customers using this program in winter ensures efficient, cost-effective operations and reduces fuel use.

How can I schedule winter yard waste collection?
Customers can schedule collection services by calling Solid Waste & Recycling Customer Service at 319-286-5897 or submitting a My CR request. Once scheduled, collection is usually done on Thursday each week in winter, however this may change due to weather or other circumstances. Routine YARDY collection resumes March 4, 2024.

YARDY accepts yard waste and other compostable materials.

Listed below are just a few items that can be placed in your YARDY cart:

Yard waste  Other Compostables 
Leaves  Fruit & Vegetable Peelings 
Sticks/twigs (5 in. max. diameter)  Baked goods
Grass clippings   

Find out more about what to put in your YARDY cart.

Extra Yard Waste

If you have more yard waste than will fit in your YARDY cart, here are a couple of options:

  • Separate brush into 2x3 foot bundles weighing less than 40 pounds. The maximum diameter for branches is 5 inches. Use biodegradable twine to bundle and set next to your YARDY cart for collection.
  • Utilize the spring and fall leaf vacuum collection program.
  • Kraft bags are only collected during the spring (month of April only) and fall Leaf Vacuum Collection times. Please use your YARDY cart and the above suggestions to dispose of extra yard waste.

Additional YARDY carts can be purchased for $56 plus tax by calling the Solid Waste & Recycling office at 319-286-5897

Note: YARDY carts MUST stay at the address where they are assigned.
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