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City Seeking Input on Formation of Citizen Review Board

City Seeking Input on Formation of Citizen Review Board

July 15, 2020

Submit feedback regarding the formation of the Cedar Rapids Citizen Review Board Here

Read more about the process:

City Seeking Input on Formation of Citizen Review Board

The City of Cedar Rapids is currently working to establish an independent Citizen Review Board (CRB) to further community relations and police accountability.

Cedar Rapids City Council passed a resolution on June 19, 2020 officially declaring their support and commitment to addressing priorities brought to the City through the local Black Lives Matter Movement and Advocates for Social Justice. At the meeting, City Council approved and agreed to move forward on all seven priorities, with establishment of a Citizen Review Board being agreed upon by both groups as the highest priority to implement quickly. A copy of the resolution can be found on the city’s website.

The goal of the Cedar Rapids Citizen Review Board (CRB) is to ensure public safety accountability, bolster confidence in police, increase and improve public cooperation, and make our community safer for everyone. In order to ensure success of the program, the City is working to develop a model that follows best practices from around the country, while also taking into account the unique needs of the Cedar Rapids community.

“The Citizen Review Board will impact the entire community. We want to be sure it is developed with input from the Black Lives Matter movement, Advocates for Social Justice members, as well as our entire community,” said Mayor Brad Hart.

The CRB will be on the agenda at future council meetings and all residents are encouraged to provide input at those meetings.  The City will also solicit community feedback and ideas through resident surveys, focus groups, community meetings, and online feedback forms.

“Our goal is to form an effective and appropriate Citizen Review Board as soon as possible, and we believe we can accomplish that in no more than 90 days,” said Hart. “Cedar Rapids City Council is listening to residents’ calls for change, recognizes that the time for action is now, is responding and will keep working with the community to combat systemic racism.”

Residents are encouraged to learn more, follow the process, and submit idea and input at cedar-rapids.org/CRB.


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